So, this was my bag approximately an hour before I had to leave for the train. Got a bit stressed, almost forgot my tickets, but everything ended up being okay.

I’m at Arlanda airport, spending a few hours at the Rest & Fly hotel. The flight leaves early tomorrow morning and by lunchtime I’ll be in Hurghada, Egypt!!

Long time no see

Seems like the only time I find the time and energy to update my blog is when I’m planning a trip. Which is also the case now. Yesterday I suddenly felt that I really need some vacation time. I haven’t had any real vacation since I started my job and I was just so jealous of everyone else planning trips. So I asked for a week off of work. And now I’ve booked a trip.


I’ve booked a week at a quite nice looking resort in Hurghada, Egypt. I’m so looking forward to diving in the red sea! 10 days until I leave!

Malta, here we come!

Yesterday I finally got the okay from my boss that I could take two days off of work. Well, I can’t only blame my boss. We had talked about it, but then I forgot to put it in the computer system and when I remembered it last week I didn’t get a replay until now. But anyway, I have tomorrow and friday off. So last night I booked a flight to Malta.


This trip has kind of been planned (without doing any actual planning, if you understand what I mean) for a month or two, and during this time my brother has been talking about coming with me. He hasn’t been sure though, so I was actually quite surprised (pleasantly so) when he today decided to come with me. It’ll be the first time we travel together.

So we’re taking the car down to the airport tomorrow at 6.30 am. Early morning, but it’ll be worth it! 

A year later and it’s time again!

A few days ago it was one year since we started school in Rangsit Thailand. It’s crazy how fast time flies! And I still haven’t sorted through all photos I took during last year, so I couldn’t easily find any pictures from the first few days in Rangsit, but here are some random photos anyway.

1508616_602779656484429_1032303638284077898_n 1512670_541379439291118_2024026158_n 20140115-210810.jpg

Now, with it being three months since I left Thailand and the university in Rangsit it’s time to start studying again. This time in Sweden though, and only as a part time student (while working full time). I just started the Master of Public Health Science Program at a university close to where I live. However, I will be a distance/online student. The entire program is a program without any physical classes or meet ups. Which is fantastic since it’s four years of studying and I don’t know how long I’ll be staying here. But now I can study from anywhere in the world.