Moving forward


During the last week I’ve taken an other few steps forward. I’ve sold some more books and my cross country skies, but most importantly: I told my boss at work that I’ll be quitting in either late August or September 1st. It feels good, now there’s no going back. Not that I want to go back.
It kind of feels like I “need to survive” this spring and summer before my life can start again. Kind of like I’m in pause. But that’s okay, I guess, it’s only half a year. And during that time I have 15 vacation days to use 🙂

My first trip abroad


I can’t actually remember my first trip, and this isn’t actually a picture from it. I was probably no more than a year old the first time I crossed the Gulf of Bothnia to visit my dads relatives in Vaasa, Finland. My dad was born in Finland, but moved to Sweden when he was 7 years. Growing up I’ve been to Finland several times with my family. Many of the times I can’t remember, but I do remember the last ones. The picture above is from the very last time I was there, in 2007.

Wouldn’t mind going back there with my family, we always have a good time and the weather is always beautiful.

So what is my plan?

Good question self, what is my plan? I’m actually not sure. There are so many things happening in my head right now and none of the plans are set. Some are in motion, but nothing is decided. The things I’m considering doing is:

Studying international health in Thailand. 
I’ve applied for a course through a swedish university to study international health. The class is an exchange program and takes place at a university in Bangkok. Unfortunately I found the course after deadline for the applications, but it was still open for late applications so I sent mine in. Basically I can only get a spot if there isn’t enough applicants that applied in time. So not a big chance of going. Wont know until beginning of April. Course starts in July or August.

Working with Handicapped International.
I found this organization when searching “working as physiotherapist in the developing world”. It’s an organization that sends out people with different educations to countries in need. I’ve sent my cv and a letter to them, but haven’t heard anything else. I really hope they contact me soon.

Moving to UK to work as a physiotherapist.
After doing some research I’ve discovered that I probably can get a temporarily registration as a physio in the UK. Working in England has always been a dream for me, so I’m considering this. Haven’t sent in any applications or so. If I’m deciding to do this, I’ll start the application process and job hunting after the summer.

Get on the road and find work on the way.
This is the option I’m a little nervous about. It’s my absolute dream, but I’m afraid I’ll go broke before I can actually get anywhere. I don’t exactly have any money saved up to live from in the beginning. If this is what I decide to do, I’ll probably get going in the end of the year and I’ll head to either asia or south america.

Getting freelance jobs online. 
Earning money while working online and traveling would be perfect, but it seems difficult. I don’t think I’m good enough of a writer to actually get writing jobs. Especially not in english, and I think the swedish market is really small and difficult to break in to. I’m hoping this blog will earn me some money, maybe with ads or sponsors, but it will not be enough to travel of.

I’ve also thought about house sitting, especially if I could get some online work. And of course I’ll use CouchSurfing when I can. And I’m thinking of trying to get jobs through wwoof and volunteer through help exchange. I think that when I get on the road, it’ll work out. I mean it did in Australia for a year. But it’s still difficult and kind of scary to take that first step. Or first step is to get rid of everything, but the next step is as scary, deciding what to do.