It’s more than just about the destination

It’s only two months since my last trip (two weeks in Thailand) but I already feel starved for traveling. I think it is because I know what’s waiting. Or actually, more like I don’t know exactly what’s waiting, so I’m thinking about it 24/7. I’m dreaming about different scenarios, imagining what it will be like if I’m accepted into uni in Bangkok, or get my physio license approved in England, or if I’m traveling to South America to learn spanish. There’s a million different things I’m dreaming about, that I want to see and do and learn from.

People always asks for my dream destinations, what places I want to visit, but I can never answer. I want to experience the world and it’s not only about destinations. Long term traveling isn’t a vacation, I know that. I’m going to need to work for money like always, there’s going to be boring days and boring jobs and stupid people, just like anywhere in the world. But I still want to experience it. And I want to feel that I’m not tied down anywhere by possessions.

It’s difficult to explain what it is I want to do, but I know it. I feel it in my heart, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.


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