About to fall asleep

Right now I’m sitting on the train heading to Stockholm. Train is one of my favorite forms of transportation. I fall asleep so easily on them. Actually, I fall asleep on anything that moves. More than once I’ve fallen asleep before the airplane has left the ground. It’s a blessing and a curse, really. Of course it’s great for boring and long trips, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind being able to stay awake to get some reading or writing done.

Only thing I’m not a big fan of regarding trains? When I have to sit turned the wrong way, going backwards. Which is what I’m doing today. Hopefully I won’t be too motion sick. I’m actually going to put my phone away now, I don’t want to tempt fate.

Up way too early for it to be legal

Sitting on my first train (second form of transportation) of the day. I’m on my way to the Swedish university which host a information day for students that was accepted to the exchange program in Bangkok. To be sure that I don’t miss the beginning, I’m taking a way too early train. But you can’t really trust the trains so I thought it was best to be out early.

Now I’m going to enjoy my coffee before I have to change train one last time.


Things I don’t travel without – padlock


When this is a room you’re staying in, you’ll be glad to have a padlock with you. This far I’ve only had great hostel experiences (well, there were a few nights in Kings Cross in Sydney when I was a bit worried, but it ended up okay anyway), but you always need to use your brain when traveling. So I wouldn’t exactly leave my macbook or phone on the bed and then head out. That’s where the padlock comes in.

Most hostel room has lockers. I always make sure hostels offer lockers before I book it. Since I would loose a key before I could step out of the room, I’ve got a padlock with a code instead of a key. It’s brilliant. When I’ not using it in hostels I’m using it on my backpack so it’s not so easy to get into while out and about (my last backpack had a zipper into the main compartment from the side). To make sure the padlock fits all (or as many as possible) locks it has got a wire instead of a fixed pice to lock it.

So yeah, brilliant thing to have while traveling!

New adventures ahead!

Last week I found out I was accepted to the International Health course I applied for. If I chose to accept the spot I’ll be studying for a year in Bangkok. The curses seem really interesting so I’m really positive. But before I decide, I want to go to the introduction which takes place on the swedish university (which is responsible for the exchange program) on thursday. I’m really looking forward to it. They’re going to talk more about the courses, about the university, living arrangement, visas etc. I’m really exited. Just booked the train tickets!