“But studying abroad isn’t traveling”

I get lot’s of comments and questions when I tell people about my decision to quit my job and leave Sweden. Mostly it’s positive comments, and lot’s of questions. But sometimes people seem to want “to bring me down to earth”. They question things as how I’ll afford it, my safety, what I’m running from and so on. Some people also feel the need to point out that studying abroad isn’t traveling, as if a definition change what I want to do?

It’s not the traveling itself that I want. I don’t need a new city every day. I just don’t want to be tied down with obligations at one time for too long. Studying abroad is to have commitments, I agree. But I’ll always have those kind of obligations and commitments. Unfortunately, I’m not a millionaire, and I’ll always have to work for food and accommodation. The difference is that I have now realized I’m not made for the normal “nine-to-five life”, so I’m not going to rent an apartment and fill it with furniture, I’m not going to aim at a steady/long term employment, I’m not going to take a loan to buy a car.

My plan is to stay at one place for as long as I want to. To take temporary employments to make it go around. Rent rooms, or stay at hostels. Keep my costs low and hope for the best. If it all goes to shit? Well, I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.


Feels like summer

I had such a great day yesterday. Met up with some friends for a day of competitions and games. Started indoors. I won one of the game, a balance competition, lost most of the others. Then we took our bikes and headed out to a bbq area close to the lake. It was such nice weather. We played some more games (in the end I didn’t end up last, yay!) before making our food. Everything always tastes so much nicer outside.


When I leave Sweden I’m really going to miss my friends. And of course my goddaughter.



After 8,5 weeks I finally got the last certificate. The application is now finished, and tomorrow I’m going to mail it. It’s going to be such a relief to be done with this. Then all I can do is hope it’s accepted (otherwise I’m wasting £420 for nothing…), and I get a license to practice as a physiotherapist in England.