The to-do list is only growing

Preparing for at trip is always exciting. Looking at hostels, looking up sights and transportation. But now it feels like I’ve been constantly preparing, for six months, for a trip that doesn’t come any closer. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing, because everything is left to do… This week I’ve done some things at least:

  • Looked up, and probably decided on, a travel insurance.
  • Ended the contract and the insurance on my apartment from August 31st.
  • Looked up the visa application for Thailand and sent a mail with questions for the consulate.
  • Sent a confirmation email for the dorm room.
  • Put some more things up for sale on FB.
  • Paid the final bill to my internet company.

It feels like the list of things to do before I leave never gets any shorter. For example┬áI’ve still got an apartment full of things to get rid of… I barely know what to do next, and every step on the way comes with expenses. And nothing is ever simple. Like with the visa application? Now I need to get passport sized photos, decide on how many entries I want and figure out if I should write physiotherapist or student as occupation… And it’ll cost around 2000 SEK.

At least when it comes to the paperwork for the university I’ve learned to start in time. It always takes longer time than one thinks. I’ve learned that the hard way.

This week I will:

  • Get passport sized photos.
  • End the contract with my phone company.

I also really need to start getting rid of things, for real. Not just a book here or there…

But now I’ll get an other cup of coffee before my brain melts.