Question of the week

So, I’m going to try something new. There’s so many reading (or at least opening) the blog but not many leave a comment or anything. So now I’m introducing: Question of the week!

First question: What kind of vacation are you dreaming about right now? Answer in the poll or leave me a comment!

2 thoughts on “Question of the week

  1. You wanna read more comments? I wanna read more about backpacks? Have you made up your mind for one?

    Yesterday I ordered the osprey ariel 55. But I haven’t any expirience with backpacks. Maybe its to big maybe not big enough.

    I’ve been thinking about the 3 backpacks you of which you wrote. You want to take your Backpack as “carry on bagagge” but when I read the product details about them I noticed that they are to big, I’m wrong?

    Bless you

    • I obviously love writing about backpack, so of course I can 😉 I actually ended up with a completely different backpack. A Bergans Glittertind (Norwegian brand) 55 L. I chose it because it had a smaller frame than the others, and I liked the front opening. As soon as I’ve used it I’ll write a proper review for it.

      Unfortunately as soon as the pack is bigger than 40 L it gets too big for carry on, so I had to rethink that. I looked into a few Osprey packs myself, let me know if you’re happy with the Ariel!

      Take care!

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