Möckeln Open Water 3km

So, about the swimming across a lake post. We have this tradition: to swim across the lake that’s just a few 100 m south of the hospital where we all work. The first time, three years ago, we were two physios and one occupational therapist that swam the 3 km. Of course we had a boat with us. The second year we added one swimmer (a nurse, my sister). We had terrible weather both those times, but we swam across the lake in about 2 hours.

This time around we added another physio and one nutritionist, so we were all together 6 people swimming the 3 km. And we had wonderful weather this time around. Sun and no wind. We cut our time with 35 minutes, which I think is mostly due to the weather. I had one of the worst preparations ever with migraine for two days before the swim and the fact that I haven’t swam a meter since the last time we swam across the lake. It wasn’t really a competition (because most of the way we had to swim together since we only had one boat) but I still won, again.  🙂


First year.


Picture from two years ago, third one from the left is me.

Photo 2013-07-26 17 55 31

This year we had a bit better weather.

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