First few “last time”‘s

When you’re leaving a city and a job there’s a point where the first “last time” happens. Yesterday it happened to me. I visited my goddaughter and her family who lives in the next town over. They’re going on vacation tomorrow and will be away when I leave, so yesterday was the last time I visited them in that town. Possibly the last time I ever saw that town, not my friends and goddaughter (it’ll be a while until I see them though), but the town.

Today was also the last time I worked with my best friend. If I hadn’t been around lots of coworkers when she left for the day I might have cried a little. I’m going to miss working at the same place as my best friend. Maybe she’ll get me a new job the next time I come back to Sweden and my bank account is empty.

The next couple of weeks will be full of “last time”. Leaving a place you don’t really have any ties to is always special. It’ll be the last time I see the city. It’s strange to think about.

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