The day is here

Photo 2013-08-14 14 56 58

Did my last day at work today. After all the counting down, I’ve now done the last day. Strange. Very strange. Kind of hard to believe actually. Can’t say I got much done today though, hope I didn’t leave too much work behind. It went better than expected to say goodbye to everyone. For a moment I considered sneaking out before the afternoon coffee break so I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to everyone, but I didn’t. The hardest goodbye was already done (said goodbye to my best friend and my goddaughter a week ago) so it wasn’t too bad. I’m going to miss my coworkers, and my job. I know I’ve been counting down and I’ve been dying to get away, but it’s not that I haven’t liked my job. I’ve loved my job and my coworkers, it’s just that I’ve been here for almost 3 years. That’s a long time for me.

Photo 2013-08-14 19 37 00

Some parting gifts from my coworkers (former coworkers I guess). They certainly know me. Black licorice, my favorite kind of candy. Especially the salty one that’s only available to buy in Sweden and Finland (and apparently in the Netherlands, but I’ve never been there). I’ve been talking about how licorice is the only thing I’ll miss about Sweden (apart from people of course), so they all got me lots of candy. I’m going to miss my coworkers.

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