Why am i blogging in english?

English isn’t my native language, which unfortunately is evident in my writing. I still choose to use English when blogging, you might wonder why. And even if you don’t; I’m going to explain it. I’ve taken English in school since 2nd grade (like everyone does in Sweden), and even if I get by okay I’ve always wanted to improve, so I’ve always practiced as much as I can. Like writing short stories in English instead of Swedish, the same when I used to write diaries. So why not use a blog to practice as well? I still hope to spend some time in England or USA, and I want to make sure my English is good enough to work or study there.

Another reason is that when traveling one meet a lot of people from all over the world, and my Facebook is already a mess of different languages. So to make it possible for both new and old friends to follow my travels I decided on using English.

I’m also really bad at changing between languages. Which those of you who followed my Swedish blog during my time in Australia might remember. It’s not that I forget Swedish when I travel, but I do get used to another rhythm and sentence structure when speaking English 24/7, so my written Swedish sometimes sounds strange. It’s kind of like now, when I speak Swedish and write in English.

2 thoughts on “Why am i blogging in english?

  1. Believe me, your English seems better than that of most Americans. I’m impressed (most Europeans’ language skills impress me – and shame me). I wish the U.S. would be better about encouraging people to learn a foreign language. Happy Travels!

    • Thank you 🙂 I think we’re more “forced” to learn a second language since we wouldn’t get very far on just Swedish. I guess it’s harder to motivate people when they speak such an international language as English. The best way to learn a language is to travel though, I think that would motivate a lot of people to learn something new.

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