A weekend in Bangkok

It’s Sunday evening and I’m back home in Rangsit after a weekend in Bangkok. I had a really good time in the city. We headed in on Thursday morning, early start, with the whole class. It was a field trip to the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew (temple of the emerald buddha) and Wat Pho (temple of Reclining Buddha).

Photo 2013-08-29 09 19 54 Photo 2013-08-29 10 14 40

It was probably the hottest day to date, so of course I burned myself. But it’s all good. Getting used to the humidity now and it isn’t as exhausting to just move around outside.

Anyway, after the field trip some of us stayed in Bangkok. We had booked a hotel on Khaosan Road which we found quite easily. It wasn’t that easy to get a taxi from the touristy area to drive us to Khaosan Road though, or let me specify: they wouldn’t drive us with/on a meter. After a while we found a grumpy drive who would take us there for 100 bath (would have cost the half with a meter, but they tried to charge us 200 first).

The hotel didn’t live up to some of ours expectations (Sorry L), but we decided to stay one night and then move to another hotel the next day. I was completely exhausted after a day in the sun, and after a foot massage, a pedicure, an early dinner and a stop at the drugstore I headed back to the hotel and went to bed.

Photo 2013-08-30 14 17 53

Democracy monument.

The following day, Friday, we spent looking around Khaosan Road, got a massage, ate a big American breakfast. Did some touristy shopping (a top, a pair of pants and a school backpack) before we were shown into Siam by a friend’s dad. From there we took the Skytrain to Soi 11 where we found our new, much fancier, hotel. We met up with lots of friends from our class that evening and had Mexican food and a few beers.

Photo 2013-08-31 13 30 02

During the night between Friday and Saturday I was woken up by my friend that I shared a hotel room with. She had a bad fever and we both worried about Dengu Fever for a while before I got a grip and realized it probably was heat stroke or something. She was still sick when we woke up Saturday morning, so she stayed at the hotel and I kept close. Spending some time by the hotel pool, reading in bed and heading out for lunch and dinner.

Sunday we check out at noon and took the Skytrain to Mo Shit (is that really the spelling? I’m too lazy to look it up, but it’s pronounced something like that) and then a taxi the rest of the way. It was quite good to be back home in my dorm room. I already feel at home here. But that’s another story.

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