School’s in full swing

Last night I handed in my first discussion topic essay and today we had our first seminar like group discussion. Very interesting. I think it’s going quite well this far. One of the professors said my essay was okay, at least. Now I just have to write a comment on someone else’s essay and this weeks assignments will be done. We also got a new group project to work on, but that doesn’t has to be done until two weeks from now.

Photo 2013-09-03 11 52 37

A picture from yesterday’s class.

I have to say I likeĀ all the small assignments. I much rather make several smaller ones than a big report where everything stands or falls with one assignment. The fact that it’s essays and oral projects is also great. Everyone should know I suck at written closed-books tests… I much rather hand in an essay or hold an oral presentation.

By the way, I ended up changing my subject on the written essay last night. I ended up writing about refugee’s right to health. Such an interesting subject. I’m thinking about making my field study during next semester about refugees and health. Thailand has several refugee camps on the border to Myanmar…

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