The adventure of eating in Thailand

Already on my first day here in Rangsit did I realize eating was going to become an adventure. Let me start off with saying that I love Thai food, and I love the authentic Thai food even more. Which is good, because most times when I order food here, it’s a surprise what they bring out. I think I know what I’m ordering, and it looks like the man or woman taking my order understands me, but in come something else. Well, this far it’s only pleasant surprises. Or, well, today was… interesting. Me and Lina ordered “sour and spicy chicken and noodle soup” to go. We got the following things:

Photo 2013-09-05 17 29 30So far so good, really, who needs containers anyway? We got a bowl as well, so totally fine. Until I poured it all up and started eating. This is maybe not what I’m used to:

Photo 2013-09-05 17 31 25

Not very appetizing. But a chicken foot, or two, is easy to throw out. And the soup tasted good anyway, so I ate 🙂 At least the menu was in english this time, so that wasn’t a problem.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m definitively not starving over here. I ate fresh pineapple for desert and had a cup of coffee when I came back to my dorm room, so I’m all good.


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