A home cooked meal

Today me and a couple of friends were invited to one of our “buddy’s” house for lunch with her family. It was a really nice experience. We got picked up at 11 and after a quick stop at first the market to buy fresh seafood and then the supermarket to buy fruits we were taken to their beautiful home.

We got to meet some more relatives and then enjoy some fruits while Yaya (our buddy, she studies to become a nurse at the same university as us), her mother and sister started to prepare the food.

Photo 2013-09-08 12 57 35

Photo 2013-09-08 12 52 40

Yaya’s mother then showed us how to cook Tom Yum with prawns, green curry with fish and eggplant, tofu with vegetables. They had also bought fried fish and chicken with cashew nuts.

Photo 2013-09-08 13 43 59

Photo 2013-09-08 16 05 20

Let’s just say we didn’t have to leave hungry. They also insisted that we brought back the leftovers and we got a bag of bananas that Yaya’s aunt had grown herself. Overall it was an amazing day and I thought it was the best food I’ve eaten since I got here. They also told us they almost never cook at home, they also eat out every day.

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