Hotel Review: Nicha Hua Hin Hotel

When we looked for a hotel in Hua Hin we wanted one close to the beach, preferably with a pool, was nice and not too expensive. We got three out of four. A great location close to the beach (and yet easy to catch a bus into the city), a very nice (almost fancy) hotel and to a very good price.



I took us, literally, no more than five minutes to walk (slowly) to the beach. And the part of the beach closest to the hotel was wonderful. Calm, clean and nice restaurants and people working there.


The hotel didn’t only live up to my expectations (which isn’t that difficult, really) but also my friends. The beds were soft, the hotel clean and very calm. There was AC, and free water. What more can you ask?

It’s also important to point out that while we had totally okay weather (spent the days on the beach) our friends who stayed in Rangsit experienced a small flooding and the ones who went to Kho Samet couldn’t spend any time on the beach. Good weather can’t be guaranteed, not in the rainy season at least, but it’s 1-0 to Hua Hin this far.

So, can I recommend the hotel? Yup, definitively. Am I going to go back and stay there again? Yup, definitively. Did I get anything for writing this very positive review? Unfortunately not. Did I get a horrible sunburnt? Yes, that I did.


4 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Nicha Hua Hin Hotel

  1. “Did I get a horrible sunburnt? Yes, that I did.” haha, that last sentence had me laughing out loud! Not that´s it´s funny.. Oh, well kind of funny 😛

    • Funny for you maybe 😛 My skin is now peeling off my face… You might not recognize me tomorrow when we meet up to study. I’ll be the one without a face, just so you know.

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