Being sick as an exchange student in Thailand

The slight absence you’ve noticed in the blog the last few days is because I’ve been sick. The fever came quite suddenly the night between Monday and Tuesday. Since then it’s moved onto nausea and an upset stomach. I’m feeling much better now (knock on wood) even if I’m still a bit nauseous and haven’t eaten much the last few days. I did however go across the street to the restaurant there to have some noodle soup a couple of hours ago, and this far it looks good.

After missing both the presentation of the group project and the class discussion, I found myself at the on campus clinic. At home I wouldn’t have gone to the doctor after just 3 days, but everyone here said I needed antibiotics (they really don’t worry about overusing antibiotics here) so I went to the clinic. I only had to wait 20 minutes or so before seeing a doctor. A woman who spoke perfect English and talked to me for about five seconds before prescribing five different medications. And I’m not even exaggerating.


I knew that doctor appointments are free for students, but I didn’t know that the medicine was free as well. They just handed me those small bags and waved me off. Very strange system, really. It might be because medicine here is so cheap. I mean it’s crazy. When I bought Aspirin the other day, I paid 10 ฿ (2 SEK). It almost felt like robbing the place.

Everyone here has been so nice to me while I’ve been sick. My friends have been texting me to make sure I’m okay, and they’ve brought me water and food. One of my teachers showed up with hot soup on Wednesday and offered to drive me to a private clinic if I didn’t want to go to the free one at school.

So there’s no need to worry about me. I’m feeling better.

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