One month in

So, we’re about one month into our school year here in Rangsit, and I thought it would be good with a first evaluation of my packing. So here are three things I haven’t used since I got here:

Sometimes you feel a bit shilly in your airconditioned room, and it’s dark outside, so when you look through the wardrobe for what to wear to dinner you kind of look at the cardigan, it looks cold outside… Maybe jeans and a t-shirt will do? You get dressed, go outside, and realize it’s still 30°C outside. Jeans weren’t needed, and a cardigan certainly isn’t.

The workout clothes.
My bad, will change that. But it’s so hot outside so the few (and read few) times I’ve wanted to workout I’ve gone to the pool instead.

Mosquito net.
Again, my bad. Probably should put it up actually.

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