Health & Wealth

We had an interesting discussion in class this morning. Early in the lecture our guest speaker talked about how health must be more important than wealth when planning basically anything. A view I wished more people in the world shared.

(Btw, do you see the cutie, also known as my goddaughter, as wallpaper on my laptop?)

Later during the lecture, when we talked about the definitions of health and reaching good health, one of my class mates stated an interesting fact. He said that some people seems to never have enough health. It’s kind of an obsession in our society today, getting more health. Everything from getting more energy to reducing the evidence of aging to plastic surgery. He pointed out that maybe we should measure health by functionality. Enough health to walk and work and live an everyday life.

It made me think about the parallels to wealth again. We never get enough money, we’re never satisfied with our salary, taxes are high, we deserve more money for the work we do, we need more money. We never get enough money, never enough wealth.

One of the questions I’m considering now is when will it be enough? What is healthy enough? Wealthy enough? I’ve got migraine, but I have enough health to study abroad, to walk, to live an everyday life. I’ve got enough money for rent, for food, for clothes and trips.

I’m healthy enough. I’m wealthy enough. And I’ll try to remember that. Be grateful for it, because there are people in this world that aren’t healthy or wealthy enough.

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