Monday evening

I’ve never liked Mondays, before now that is. We barely ever have class on Mondays, so it’s almost like an extension on the weekend. So even though I spent the weekend in Bangkok, I’ve had today to get things done. I’ve unpacked after the weekend, done laundry, cleaned my dorm room and studied. Pretty much finished the take home exam and found some great references for the pm I’m working on.

Since it’s one of my friend’s birthday today we went out to eat dinner at what we call the ant place. Long story, but they have great food there. In the spirit of the Jay-festival I ate vegetarian fried rice.

Spending the evening eating salty black licorice and watching Harry Potter (Internet is being slow so I had to resolve to old movies I already had, and Harry Potter is never wrong). It’s so funny how young they all are in the first movie!

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