Let me tell you about the spontaneous trip to Chiang Mai

It started with an old friend, Liv (that I used to swim with way back), came visiting. She flew in from India and spent a day in small Rangsit getting ready and planning her few weeks in Thailand. Her first stop was going to be Chiang Mai, about ten hours north from Rangsit. I’m not really sure how, but a “you should come” turned into me quickly sending in my school essays and pulling out my bag to start packing. We took the night bus (night between Wednesday and Thursday) from Mo Chit (Bangkok) to Chiang Mai. Only had to pay about 500 B and it was a nice bus with lots of space and reclining seats. I slept the whole way and it didn’t feel like ten hours at all.

We hadn’t booked a hostel before arriving, but we had looked one up, so we took a red bus (it was really a mix between a bus and a taxi and almost looked like a fire truck) there. We were in luck and got two beds in one of the dorms. 100 B a night per person, really good price for a nice hostel. Kikies House had clean rooms, a good location and very nice staff. Would definitively stay there again.

We spent Thursday (the day we arrived) sightseeing. Saw lots of temples, got lost, ate good food and spent the evening at the night market.




On Friday we wanted to see the temple on the mountain, so we decided to rent a motorbike to get up there (200 B for the bike, two helmets and gas). The rain was pouring down, so we took it slow, and we had so much fun. I could barely stop laughing. Since it was so wet (we looked like we had gone swimming with our clothes on) I don’t have any pictures from that day. After we had dried up and gotten warm again (it was freezing! Like 23 degrees) we went to the cinema and watched The Butler.

Saturday morning we checked out, ate breakfast, returned the bike and then headed to the bus station. Liv headed north west and I headed south for Bangkok and the airport. Met up with my friends there and flew down to Koh Samui, but that’s an other story, one that’s not written yet.

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