The political situation in Thailand is a bit unstable right now. The protests are only going on in Bangkok though, so it’s safe out here in Rangsit where I live. Just wanted to let you know I’m not in Bangkok and I’m saying updated on the developments.

I just read that unarmed troops will be at the airports tomorrow. Feels good that my friend arrived today so it wasn’t any hassle to meet up with her. We’ve spent the evening just relaxing and watching a movie. Not sure about the plans for tomorrow.

Friday evening

Even though we haven’t had any classes this week I’ve managed to procrastinate all school work so now I’m sitting here friday evening with the whole lot left to do. And tomorrow afternoon a friend (same friend that I went to Chiang Mai) is coming by so I don’t want to be stuck with school work then. So now I really need to get it done. I’ve written 350 words on the discussion entry, just need to finish it off and make sure it’s coherent. Then I need to post an answer on someone else’s post. Then the most acute work is done. All though I have to work on the course project as well… Well, safe to say I shouldn’t be sitting here writing this. Back to work Sara!

Studying, or trying to

We’ve started a new course again. Had lots of lectures last week and now I’m trying to get started on this course’s assignments. Wrote a short discussion topic essay last week, have another one of those this week and I also have to start write the “big report”. Going to write about healthcare for asylum-seekers and hidden refugees in Sweden. Very interesting but it’s always difficult to get started.


I’m at the café across the street from where I live, trying to see if a change of scenery will improve my study efficiency. This far it isn’t working great…

Review: Sky House in Sokhothai, Thailand

When we booked the hotel in Sokhothai we were kind of late. Since it was Loy Krathong almost everything was sold out. We could literarily only find a double room at one hotel. So we got stuck with Sky House. And let me tell you, it definitively makes the top-two of worst places I’ve ever stayed.


The hotel kind of looked like a rundown garage. Our room only had cold water and we couldn’t get a wifi signal in there. I don’t want to think too much about the bed or the blanket so I’m not going into details.

IMG_0283 IMG_3815

Pictures don’t do it justice… My recommendation? Stay away from Sky House in Sokhothai. It was a cheap place, 750 Baht for a double room three nights (but we only stayed two so I guess it was a bit expensive…). To be honest it wasn’t bad enough to destroy the trip, but it wasn’t far from.

Look what I got!


This is one of the two very beautiful pieces of art that I got from my goddaughter earlier this week. I also got salty black licorice! As soon as I’m feeling better I’m going to open it! I also got some beautiful pictures of my goddaughter and me 🙂 My eyes wasn’t very dry when I opened the package, but I blame that on me being sick.

Thank you so much L & Z! It totally made my week. Talk to you soon.