Don’t know what to name this entry really…

No classes today so I spent the morning relaxing, lunch and early afternoon studying and late afternoon and evening with a few friends at Future Park (a nearby shopping center). When I got home I was supposed to continue to study. But yeah, that didn’t happen. Since my computer has been acting up lately (don’t know if it’s the new iOS update), so I decided to delete everything and reinstall. Can’t take that long, right? Well, that’s what I thought. Now I know better. My laptop still says 27 hours remaining (it’s been up at 52 hours at the most)… So yeah… A bit stressful.

Anyway, now I’ll read through my discussion topic essay again (it’s about key issues that’s formed the health care delivery system in the U.S.) and then send it in. I’ll fix the computer stuff tomorrow. I should be able to manage it, can’t be that difficult with a well-rested brain.

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