Sunday again.

I think I overestimated my computers skills the other day. The computer is still dead and after doing some googling all I can find is that the hard drive is probably dead. Which sucks. I’ve never had problems with a Mac computer before (not counting when my last computer gave up after four years) so I’m not so used to this. But since the computer is only 8-9 months old I’m hoping it’ll go on the warranty… Tomorrow I’m going to a licensed apple service store to see if they can help me. Am I happy right now that I gave in to my shopping tendencies and bought an iPad mini the other week? Without it I would be screwed right now.

I’m spending my Sunday morning (or more like lunch) at a new café a friend told me about last night. They have really good coffee and internet, so if it wasn’t so difficult to walk here it would be my new favorite place (had to walk on the streets here).

Anyway, now when I know I can’t fix the computer right now I’m going back to studying. Writing about the health care delivery system in Mexico. Very fascinating.

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