Book recommendation: The Kite Runner

Just as I love writing, I love reading. And just as with writing, reading goes kind of up and down. I need time and energy and I need to feel creative enough to do more than just read the words on a page. I want to be able to see it played out in front of me. See the landscape that’s described, smell the food and feel the cool summer eve.

Lately I’ve been feeling more creative. More creative than I have in years. I’m writing more now, not only for school. I don’t think I have written this much since high school. The reading is coming a bit slower though. I think it is because I do have a lot to read for school, so I always feel that I should read that instead of a book. And there’s so much “real stuff” to read instead of fiction.

But the other week, while I was on vacation, I read “The Kite Runner”. And I absolutely loved it. It was written so beautifully and I never wanted to put it down. Even though I had a hard time feeling sympathy for the main character, I just continued reading.

Photo 2013-10-28 12 12 38

I bought the book for 60 baht at a bookstore in Chiang Mai, best buy since I got here!

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