Let’s get to know each other

According to the statistics I’ve over a hundred readers a day. I have no idea who these people are. Do I even know one hundred people? Well, Facebook tells me I have 139 friends, and Facebook would never lie to me, right? Anyway, I have a plan. If I tell you ten random, “interesting” facts about myself, you’ll comment with one fact about yourself? Deal? It could be anything from a secret to what your favorite color is. You can be anonymous if you want. Okay? So, ten random facts about me:

1. I read articles and blog entries even though I know they’ll annoy and upset me. It’s not good for my blood pressure, I know…

2. Good grades are important to me. Too important. I know it doesn’t matter if you get an A or B, but I still care.

3. I love disaster movies like Armageddon, Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and The Impossible.

4. I’m addicted to coffee and chips/crisps.

5. Even though I write almost every day, I don’t think I’ve ever finished a story I’ve started that’s not for school. I also never show anyone what I’m writing…

6. When I was younger I was convinced I was adopted.

7. I love working as a physiotherapist, but I can’t see myself working as a physio my whole life. I would like to work with development of healthcare in developing countries or maybe go into politics.

8. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling and I refuse to lie and say something else to appear more “well-read” or mature.

9. I’m licensed to practice as a physiotherapist in three countries: Sweden, Iceland and England.

10. I love traveling over almost everything else in this world. I can’t even explain what it is I love with it. Most people won’t get it, but some do.

To be honest I didn’t think I would come up with ten things, but I did. Yay me. Now on to your part of the deal: give me one random fact about yourself. 

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