The adventure of a cab ride in Thailand

Photo 2013-08-24 12 50 43

Since I got to Thailand I’ve gotten quite used to taking a cab wherever I go. In the beginning it felt strange, and luxurious, to take a cab, but now it just feels normal. If you’re three or four people it’s actually cheaper to take a cab than to take public transportation (which isn’t available everywhere anyway).

Every time you go into a cab here in Thailand is sure to be an adventure. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a cab. If they don’t want to drive to a certain area they will just say no and drive away. Here in Rangsit it’s never a problem with taxi drivers using the meter, but if you try to catch a cab in a tourist area they’ll try to rip you off.

Anyway, back to the adventure. The taxi drivers can be such funny people, or complete boring people haters. It’s always so unexpected who you get. Sometimes they sigh and roll their eyes and don’t even try to understand you, other times they get so giddy they try to talk thai with you and call people to tell you’re in their cab (the word for foreigner is one of the few I can pick out in a conversation). Once we thought a driver was high because he behaved like 10 year-old, but he was just excited to have us in the car and that he got to drive the highway (toll-way).

A few tips to get out the most of a taxi ride? Smile, try to communicate and just never be surprised. And don’t take it to heart if they laugh at you, apparently it’s just what they do, they don’t intend to insult you (were we told anyway, best to think of it like that).

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