What a wonderful day

Today I woke up around nine. Ate breakfast with my friends (was an okay breakfast, not the best I’ve ever had, but the coffee was good) and then we headed across the island to the big beach. Since it’s a protected area you have to pay to get inside, but since we had student ID’s we didn’t have to pay the foreigner price (200 Baht) but the price for locals (40 baht).

Found us a very nice spot on the beach, borrowed a book from a friend and then we spent the entire day there. Ate lunch, drank more coffee, finished the book. At four o’clock we were all a bit tired and headed to the “shops”. Ended up getting a foot scrub and massage before we found a nice restaurant where we ate really nice pizza.

Now the others are down at the hotel restaurant to have a free drink (apparently it’s some kind of cocktail party) while I’m up here in the room to do some studying. The paper is actually coming along okay. Might finish within the next few days. Which is good since I’m going to have to present it on Thursday.

Tomorrow we’re going snorkling!

Now back to studying!

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