Quiet morning studying in bed

It’s not often we have afternoon classes. Mostly we have morning classes between nine and twelve. Sometimes we have classes all day (especially when having presentations), but today we have an afternoon class between one and four. I usually like morning classes (which I never would have said a few years ago) because it’s nice to feel like you have the whole day at your disposal after school end.

When I studied at university in Sweden I would have spent a morning like this asleep, but now I got up at nine, as I always do here, and it feels nice to have a few hours before I have to head out. I’ve just made some coffee, I’ve been checking up on the news and I’m just about to get started on my next assignment. It feels nice, having a few quiet hours to start off the day with.

Todays lecture on ASEAN and global health is our last class before Christmas. Tomorrow I’m heading off to Laos. I’ll update tonight or tomorrow with more info about my travel plans. Now I’m going to do some studying before it’s time to meet up my friends for lunch before class.

BTW, got our grades for the course before last and I got another A!

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