Heavy morning

Photo 2014-01-29 10 10 59

Today’s class is on a quite heavy topic. The 2004 Tsunami in the Indian ocean. It’s focused on the management after the tsunami hit. It’s quite impressive actually. And embarrassing that Swedish government was so slow to respond. Before this year I’ve always thought that people leaving Sweden can’t expect the swedish Government to just swoop in and save them whenever something happen, but what I hadn’t asked myself before was: how many Thai people died because local doctors were busy working on swedes? There’s no answer on that question. But with the hospitality and putting foreigner first here, I can guess. We learned today that by day three many foreigners were evacuated to the private hospitals in Bangkok and the local hospitals could focus on the local people. By new years, five days after the tsunami hit, hospital operations had returned to normal.

Monday again

Yet another afternoon spent at a café studying. Not that I’m getting much done, as usual. No, just kidding. I’m actually done with all assignments for this course except the project proposal. And I might even be done with that one as well… It’s so difficult to know what should be included in it. I haven’t yet finished all the detailed plans, but I do have a rather good idea about what I want to do at least.


Tomorrow we’re going on a field trip to the local red cross office. Going to be really exciting. Yesterday I actually applied for a job with the international red cross. Also exciting even though I doubt I’ll get it.

Cultural Evening

Last night was a very interesting evening. Me and a few class mates were invited to a cultural evening organized by the refugee community and the NGOs working in Bangkok. There were lots of food, a few performances and lots of people from different parts of the world.


I managed to do some “networking” and found people that probably could help me with my field study. So amazing. I also got invited to a network meeting for the NGOs that work with refugee and asylum questions in Thailand. Would be brilliant if I could go. They only meet up every second month though, so I hope the timing will be good. Don’t have that much time left in Bangkok now. We have already passed halftime.


Cold in Bangkok?

The weather in Thailand, or in Bangkok, right now is weird. During the last two days I haven’t turned on the AC ones. Which has never happened before. And during the last week or so I’ve been sleeping with a blanket. This morning it was apparently the coldest night in 30 years with 15 degrees C… What’s up with the cold weather following me?

Now I’m going to make a cup of tea and crawl down in bed!

Sustainable Development

DSC01242The course we have now is focused on sustainable development. It’s a very interesting issue, but unfortunately the lectures we’ve had this week haven’t been very good…

Right now I’m waiting for the laundry to finish. I’m sitting at a café close to my dorm and am trying to focus on my Disaster Management essay, but it’s difficult sometimes, haha.

For those of you who’ve heard about the state of emergency that’s been issued for Bangkok it nothing to worry about. Not for my safety at least. I’m avoiding Bangkok right now and we don’t notice anything different here in Rangsit.