Last day in Hoi An

So, today is my last day in Hoi An. I’ve really liked it here. I haven’t really done much, mostly walked around, eaten lots of good food and done some more walking.

This morning I checked out of the hotel I’ve been saying in, but my bag is still there and I’m heading back at 5.30 pm to be picked up by the bus to Nha Trang. It’s a sleeper bus and I’ll be down in Nha Trang by six am tomorrow morning.

Since I’m, unfortunately once again short on time I’m only going to spend a day on Nha Trang and then jump on yet another sleeper bus and head down to Saigon. I’m looking into changing my flight back to Bangkok, because I would like some time to actually see Saigon as well, but it looked very expensive… So I’ll see how it’ll go.

Now I’m going to enjoy my coffee and get some studying done. I’m way behind…

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