New Years in Hue, Vietnam

I just realized I forgot to tell you about new years in Hue. I had a really dodgy internet connection there so I couldn’t update my blog. As you might remember I took the overnight train from Hanoi to Hue. I arrived, a couple of hours delayed, in the morning of the 31st. At the train station I ran into a british guy that was going to the same hostel as me so we shared a cab there.



The hostel (Hue’s Backpackers) had really nice balconies but not the best view. They did however have really nice showers. And we were told that after some money had changed hands the hostel bar would be allowed to be open until 1 am, so the party was going down there.

Before the celebrations the Englishman and I did some sightseeing. Saw the citadel and the pagoda, took a boat down the river. Had a lot of fun.

IMG_0841 IMG_4067 IMG_4074


Then we both headed back to the hostel to get ready for the new years celebration. I shared room with two american girls, Amy and one I can’t remember the name of (Sorry!) but we got ready and headed downstairs.

Maybe Hue wasn’t the most exiting place to celebrate new years (they don’t celebrate our new years in Vietnam) but I had a lot of fun. The bar had some crazy specials and somehow I got tricked into playing beer-pong with the english guy against two americans. Don’t know why we thought it would be a good idea, but it was fun even if we lost.

Four minutes late we did a countdown and everyone wished each other a happy new year.

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