How is it to study in Bangkok?

During my trip I think that’s the question I was asked most times. It came right after where are you from (which is always the first questioned asked when you meet anyone on the road) and it was asked with anything from horror to amazement in their voices. So I thought I would take the opportunity to really think it through and give you an honest answer. How is it to study in Bangkok?

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I think that the three words I would use to describe it is: interesting, different and… okay, I can’t really think of a third good word. So much for that layout of the entry, haha. No but it’s really interesting, both when it comes to the content in the courses and the experience of living and studying in Thailand. University here and back in Sweden are two completely different things. Just the fact that the students here wear uniform. They also seem very young and childish. I’m not sure if it’s an asian thing or what, but there’s a lot of giggling and shy people who won’t even try to speak english even though their teacher are standing right there asking them. Don’t know why they don’t want to talk english…



We have quite few lectures a week, every time it’s a new guest speaker so you never really know what’s waiting in class. Some have been really good but we’ve also had some not so good. I think we’re quite an atypical class since we ask quite a lot of question and aren’t afraid to question things. Not that we question that much. That’s one of the not so good things with studying here in Thailand.

In Thailand appearance and hierarchy are both very important. It’s also not completely okay to question everything or criticizes Thailand too heavily. It’s not anything anyone has told us (well, not in those words) but it’s just a feeling you get. Everything that’s slightly different (like the limited rights to abortion) is blamed on Buddism and Thai culture and explained that it can’t be changed.



We haven’t had any tests this far. It’s all been writing essays, reports, discussions, seminars and oral presentations. Which is wonderful for me since I hate tests but quite enjoy writing. Most assignments you can also choose the direction of most assignments yourself. Since it’s the first time the course is running, we’ve had a bit of a comments for both the Swedish university through which we were accepted and to Rangsit University. Nothing really major though. We do wish we could get the grades faster after a course is finished, and there aren’t really any guidelines on whats needed for a certain grade (or even for passing) as we’re used to from Sweden.

All in all I’m enjoying my time here in Thailand. Today is pretty much half-time of our year here. Graduation will probably be on May 29th.

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