Lake House Adventure

This weekend a few friends and I went on Visit Beyond’s Lake House Adventure in Khao Laem Lake reservoir. We spent five days on a house boat having an amazing time.

Most of the time we spent on the boat, relaxing. The weather was perfect; warm and sunny. I tried not spending too much time in the sun since I didn’t want to get burned. So I did some reading in the shadows in between the swimming, tanning and kayaking.

Ellinor, a friend of mine, took that wonderful picture, haha.

During the trip we also went on a few trips, like to the coconut island, a waterfall, the monkey island, elephant riding and bamboo rafting. It was all very fun.


Only downside to the trip was that the food was a bit boring. A tourist version of Thai food that didn’t taste too much. Not that it wasn’t okay, it was just nothing special. And how could we spend five days on a lake without eating fish once?


Anyway, overall I had a great time. It was so nice getting away from the city. Fresh air and a change of scenery.

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