Happy birthday A Nomad at Heart!

My blog turns one year old today. A lot has happened in that time. One year ago I had decided to quit my job and do something else, but I hadn’t actually gotten started. Back then I had just gotten back from a vacation (in Thailand, funnily enough), and I just felt that I needed to get away.

I’m not sure how it seemed for people around me, for my friends and family, but it wasn’t an easy decision. I knew what I wanted, sure, but to actually do it wasn’t easy. I had a job I enjoyed, lived close to my best friend and goddaughter, lived in the same country (which is pretty close compared to the rest of the places I’ve lived) as my family and I had an apartment full of things.

The reason to why I needed to get away wasn’t that I hated my life, far from actually. I’ve just always felt a restlessness after too long in the same place. I don’t know why. I don’t know why I don’t dream about a family or a house and a dog. But I know myself, and I do know I’m worth following my dreams.

It’s probably easier to be brave when you know you have family and friends back home that’s always willing to help out if I would ever need it. Not working in Sweden, not saving money and paying attention to my pension savings probably aren’t a smart move for the future, but I don’t want to plan for a life after I retire just to die when I’m 64. I love life and I want to feel that I’m living now.

This entry wasn’t supposed to turn all sentimental. I’m blaming the late hour. Before I finish up I want to thank you though. My family and my friends; who never try to stop me from following my dreams, even if it frightens you sometimes. It means the world to me.


One thought on “Happy birthday A Nomad at Heart!

  1. Du ska göra det som gör dig lycklig! Vi finns alltid här hemma för dig! Och kommer inte du hem kommer vi till dig 🙂 Vi ses snart!

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