PADI open water diver course on Koh Samet

As you know, I just took my PADI open water diver certificate on Koh Samet, Thailand. It was’t really planned beforehand, I didn’t even know you could do scuba diving on Koh Samet. It was my brother who had looked it up and I thought why not? I had the time and was healthy, let’s do it. So we went to one of the offices on the beach and asked if they had scuba diving courses. We got the number to a mr. Mong. A couple of hours later we had decided on a price (a bit more expensive than in other places in Thailand, but still cheap compare to the rest of the world) and that we would start two days later.

We got an online activation card and could do our reading on the PADI online elearning site. Very convenient if it hadn’t been for the fact that we couldn’t access the book/info from ipads. So I read on my computer and told my sister and brother about the information they needed to know.


First day at the diving course we did the first few chapters and then learned about the equipment. Second day we get to dive for the first time. Such an amazing feeling! We kept on shallow water since it was confined water dives. Learned all the skills there and then on day three and four we had two open water dives.

The course was very good. It was only me, my sister and brother on one instructor and one or two assistants. It felt like we could move along in a pace that fitted us right and it never felt stressed.


All in all I can recommend the diving at Koh Samed resort with Mr. Mong. A bit expensive, not the best dive sites, but a good course. I feel prepared to join tours diving somewhere else very soon.

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