After a few days in Mae Sot

Mae Sot is a curious place. The town is small, but as everywhere so many people live here. The strange thing is that it’s mostly foreigners. All signs here are on Thai and Burmese (and many times on English as well, thank god). About half of the population living here are from Myanmar. Then there’s so many NGO workers here as well. I have never seen so many NGOs in one town before. Which works well for me since I need to talk to people working with refugees for my field study.

This far I’ve done four interviews. Or it’s more like conversations really, because not many people dare to speak their mind if they believe the “wrong people” could read it. Which is understandable. I’m learning heaps though. And I’m learning more and more about Thai bureaucracy; basically what’s worked best is to just show up and smile.

Now the computer is almost boiling again so I have to put it away. I’m waiting for food and as soon as I start the computer it gets hot. It’s probably 40 degrees here now…

Tonight I’m meeting up with an Australian physio that works at one of the NGOs here, she’s been helping me loads with contacts.

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