The difficult task of not spending money…

The last few months I’ve been debating getting a new camera, and now after I’ve been diving I’ve found myself looking into underwater cameras. Imagine how cool that would be! Several of the people I dived with had GoPro cameras and I got so jealous.

I mean look at this small thing!


_01 gopro-hero3-silver-hand

In the housing it’s water proof down to 40 meters. Which is amazing! It’s the Hero 3+ black edition that I’ve been eyeing now, which of course is the most expensive one. $399, or 3600 swedish kronor… Right now I’m telling myself that I don’t have the money (worst thing with being an adult is that “not having the money” doesn’t mean that I don’t actually have $399 on my account, because that would be bad, but that I really can’t use that money for a camera) and I don’t really see a need for the camera right now.

I mean I could definitively use this camera a lot when traveling. I love activities near or on or in water, so it would be perfect for diving, sightseeing waterfalls or on the beach (where I destroyed my last camera), but the thing is that I’m going home to Sweden soon to work the whole summer. The sensible thing would be to buy it when the summer is over and I’ve earned some money and know where I’m heading off to next…

As I said, the last few months I’ve been thinking about getting a camera, but then I’ve mostly been thinking about getting a good system camera. What’s been stopping me there is the fact that they’re even more expensive but also rather big and bulky. And I do love traveling light. I would love to take good pictures, but I’m not sure I would find it enjoyable to carry around a bigger camera…

Anyway, I should leave this train of thought now before I end up in Bangkok looking for cameras. Which I might do… just to compare the price… no. No! I really shouldn’t.

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