Not to worry anyone, it’s under control now

Last weekend someone threw a grenade into one of the buildings at my school. It wasn’t a big bomb, but it did do some damage to the building. No one was injured since it happened during the night (which means that it wasn’t meant to injure anyone, it was meant to scare the president of the university). For a while some of us were debating going back home to Sweden early, but it’s been calm since so we decided to stay.

The thing that annoyed us the most was the schools way of informing us of what was going on. It took us more than 16 hours to get the news, and most of us read it in the news before we got the mail from the school. Our teachers were also joking about the situation and we got the feeling that the school didn’t take the situation seriously even though the police and campus security were in agreement on the fact that the grenade was most likely a political message (threat).


Fortunately, we then got to talk to the International Student Services and the people in charge there and got a briefing of what had really happened and their preparedness for how future events would be dealt with. I think that calmed us all. Our Thai teachers joked some more about the culture difference that we wanted so much information that Thai people don’t. That might be a big difference, but what I think they sometimes forget is that we can’t access the same information the Thai student can. Everything is in Thai!

Anyway, now it feels okay, and the last few days have been calm, even in central Bangkok. We did get a message from our Swedish university that said that if we want to change our flights home their insurance would cover the costs, so that’s good to know.

Don’t want anyone to worry about me though. Everything is completely fine now, and I would never jeopardize my health or life, if I truly thought it was a dangerous situation I would have left the country already.

Now I’m going to go back to write an application for a job in North Korea!

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