So, this was my bag approximately an hour before I had to leave for the train. Got a bit stressed, almost forgot my tickets, but everything ended up being okay.

I’m at Arlanda airport, spending a few hours at the Rest & Fly hotel. The flight leaves early tomorrow morning and by lunchtime I’ll be in Hurghada, Egypt!!

Long time no see

Seems like the only time I find the time and energy to update my blog is when I’m planning a trip. Which is also the case now. Yesterday I suddenly felt that I really need some vacation time. I haven’t had any real vacation since I started my job and I was just so jealous of everyone else planning trips. So I asked for a week off of work. And now I’ve booked a trip.


I’ve booked a week at a quite nice looking resort in Hurghada, Egypt. I’m so looking forward to diving in the red sea! 10 days until I leave!