Some more pics

Back home again after a great vacation in Karon, Thailand. We mostly spent time by the pool, in the shades doing some reading and relaxing. But I also went out diving for four days. Here’s some pictures.

TurtleTurtle3White Tip Shark

It’s barely visible in the last picture, but on the righthand side in the middle of the picture is a shark. We were on approximately 20 m, but didn’t have enough no decompression time to go down to get a real good look on it. We saw it much clearer in reality than it’s visible in the picture though. Saw three sharks during the liveaboad. Two whitetip sharks (on the picture) and one guitar shark. Pretty cool 🙂

Greetings from very sunny Egypt! 

Today I’ve spent the day diving! So much fun. I’m so glad I actually took my open water certificate (and advanced) while in Thailand. It has opened up another world to me 🙂 

And today, on the way to the first dive site, we saw Dolphins!!! So exciting. I love dolphins but have never seen any before. They looked so happy. 

I’ll do some more diving tomorrow. I did film a lot during today’s dives, but haven’t looked at it yet. And I tried to upload a photo with this post, but the Internet at the hotel is the worst, so I couldn’t. I’m happy if this entry gets posted.