Big Blue Diving on Koh Tao

Before I went down to Koh Tao I did some extensive googling to navigate through the many, many, options of diving on Koh Tao. I mean seriously, I’ve never seen that many dive schools in one place before! But after the research I ended up choosing Big Blue Diving.


I arrived early since I had arrived to the island the day before, which was good because as the ferries started coming in lots of people arrived to the diving school. I had booked a few days in advance, so it was easy to get checked in and settled. The room wasn’t fancy, since I had chosen the free accommodation, but I got a lower bunk and the sheets were clean.


I decided to go the Advanced Diver course, and the instructors recommended the SSI’s Advanced Adventure so our group decided to go with that. My instructor was Mike from Australia and in my group was two guys from England and a guy from Spain. Together we got to decide what dives we wanted to do.

Day one we went through navigation on land and then headed out for dives. We did the mandatory navigation dive and the perfect buoyancy dive. Then after a short stop on land for dinner we headed out for the night dive.


Second day we had an early start for the deep dive (also mandatory) to 30 meters and the wreck dive, bot were totally amazing dives. Mike, the instructor took some photos for us, which was very cool.


On the last dive I got to tick of one of my biggest dreams, to see a turtle. It was so cool. Totally loved it!


Overall I can really recommend Big Blue Diving on Koh Tao. I had an amazing experience there.