Random thoughts

Did I tell you about the hours I spent on the train station in Bangkok watching the filming of a Thailand’s Got Thailand intro? I was there hours before my train to the south left because I wanted to be sure I got a ticket (I was heading to Phuket for my diving trip) and was forced to watch the recording of the intro time and time again. It looks like it’s all shoot in one sequence, but let me tell you it isn’t. And no reactions are spontaneous, incase you were wondering.

Anyway, I just suddenly remembered it and started looking for it. It’s the first intro thing in the following video. Don’t ask me how I suddenly got thinking about it. It was easy to find though…


Did I tell you about the coffee in Vietnam?


As many of you know by now I’m quite addicted to coffee. It’s not the most harmful addiction, but I guess it isn’t the best either. Studies do show some good things about coffee though, like the decreased risk of dementia and breast cancer. But that’s another story altogether.

When traveling, being a coffee addict isn’t always easy. Like when you arrive at a border crossing halfway through a 26 hour bus ride, at 7.30 in the morning and have to stand outside in the cold for more than half an hour in the wait for the bloody thing to open and all you can think is that you need a coffee… Not my best moment. I did, for a brief second, consider adding some instant coffee to my cold water… Thought better of it though.

Usually I like my coffee strong, and of course without milk or sugar (which you have to be extra fast to say here in Thailand, otherwise your coffee will arrive full of sugar), but I have to say that the coffee in Vietnam was a bit too strong and bitter for my liking. You probably could eat it with a spoon. Which is otherwise a joke you hear about coffee in Sweden…


So yeah, if you don’t like strong and bitter coffee, stick to americanos when you’re in Vietnam (well, of course you have to try the vietnamese coffee, but if you’re anything like me, don’t try it when you really¬†need¬†coffee).