Hotel Review: Bar and Bed Resort on Koh Samet

When I stayed in Koh Samet, Thailand, a week ago, we stayed in a hotel called Bar and Bed Resort on Ao Noi Na Beach.


The location was really nice. Beautiful view and a very calm area of the island. Unfortunately the hotel’s own beach was very small and the beaches surrounding the hotel was private hotel beaches as well.


The rooms were clean, the beds soft (for being Thailand) and we had a kettle and coffee in the room. The rooms weren’t cleaned if you didn’t ask and we didn’t get any new towels during our four night stay.


The hotel restaurant had okay food, but no the largest menu. The desert was fantastic though. And the included breakfast very nice, during the weekend mornings it was buffé. Only other bad part was the insects in the rooms, mostly ants and a few spiders and what we call flying cockroach.


Review: Sky House in Sokhothai, Thailand

When we booked the hotel in Sokhothai we were kind of late. Since it was Loy Krathong almost everything was sold out. We could literarily only find a double room at one hotel. So we got stuck with Sky House. And let me tell you, it definitively makes the top-two of worst places I’ve ever stayed.


The hotel kind of looked like a rundown garage. Our room only had cold water and we couldn’t get a wifi signal in there. I don’t want to think too much about the bed or the blanket so I’m not going into details.

IMG_0283 IMG_3815

Pictures don’t do it justice… My recommendation? Stay away from Sky House in Sokhothai. It was a cheap place, 750 Baht for a double room three nights (but we only stayed two so I guess it was a bit expensive…). To be honest it wasn’t bad enough to destroy the trip, but it wasn’t far from.

Hotel review of Grand Thai House Resort on Koh Samui

After quite a lot of research (mostly on my friends part) we booked a hotel called Grand Thai House Resort in Lamai Beach area of Koh Samui. All four of us were very happy with the hotel after having stayed there a week, and I can recommend it to anyone who wants a calm, clean and nicely located hotel.

The hotel wasn’t quite on the beach. But it took literarily no more than a minute to walk down to Lamai Beach, one of the best beaches on Koh Samui. From the balcony (both our rooms had very nice balconies facing the pool) we could hear the waves washing up on the beach. We spent many evenings on the balcony, mostly talking, drinking a beer and playing cards. It was very good times.



Since it was still rainy season (we only had one day during which it rained more than an hour during the day) it was very calm and quite few tourists on Koh Samui. We often had the pool to ourselves, it wasn’t difficult to find sunbeds on the beach and the volume at night was very low.

More about the hotel? The bed was soft (for being Thailand), we had aircon and a minibar. One thing I did miss was a kettle so I could make coffee in the room. The restaurant at the hotel was good, but it was quite expensive… Breakfast was included so we ate there every morning. We got to order from a menu so the food was newly made and always tasted fresh and nice. It did get repetitive after almost a week, but since I’m not really a breakfast lover it didn’t bother me. I got my coffee so I was quite happy.


I don’t have any pictures on the hotel room, so this will have to do. We created quite a mess very quickly.

Hotel Review: Nicha Hua Hin Hotel

When we looked for a hotel in Hua Hin we wanted one close to the beach, preferably with a pool, was nice and not too expensive. We got three out of four. A great location close to the beach (and yet easy to catch a bus into the city), a very nice (almost fancy) hotel and to a very good price.



I took us, literally, no more than five minutes to walk (slowly) to the beach. And the part of the beach closest to the hotel was wonderful. Calm, clean and nice restaurants and people working there.


The hotel didn’t only live up to my expectations (which isn’t that difficult, really) but also my friends. The beds were soft, the hotel clean and very calm. There was AC, and free water. What more can you ask?

It’s also important to point out that while we had totally okay weather (spent the days on the beach) our friends who stayed in Rangsit experienced a small flooding and the ones who went to Kho Samet couldn’t spend any time on the beach. Good weather can’t be guaranteed, not in the rainy season at least, but it’s 1-0 to Hua Hin this far.

So, can I recommend the hotel? Yup, definitively. Am I going to go back and stay there again? Yup, definitively. Did I get anything for writing this very positive review? Unfortunately not. Did I get a horrible sunburnt? Yes, that I did.