So, this was my bag approximately an hour before I had to leave for the train. Got a bit stressed, almost forgot my tickets, but everything ended up being okay.

I’m at Arlanda airport, spending a few hours at the Rest & Fly hotel. The flight leaves early tomorrow morning and by lunchtime I’ll be in Hurghada, Egypt!!

Spam attack…

Looks like the spam attack is over, finally. I got 564 spam comments during the last week or so. Almost all of them were on my post with a picture of St Peter’s Church with the title “Always interesting to see places you’ve been to on the news” or something like it. That’s literally the only text in the entry. I didn’t bother reading all the spam comments but only deleted them (thank god for spam filters), but one that caught my eyes were this.

Skärmavbild 2013-03-12 kl. 17.23.03

To the spammer: I’m sorry my post was too strongly worded for you.