Greetings from very sunny Egypt! 

Today I’ve spent the day diving! So much fun. I’m so glad I actually took my open water certificate (and advanced) while in Thailand. It has opened up another world to me 🙂 

And today, on the way to the first dive site, we saw Dolphins!!! So exciting. I love dolphins but have never seen any before. They looked so happy. 

I’ll do some more diving tomorrow. I did film a lot during today’s dives, but haven’t looked at it yet. And I tried to upload a photo with this post, but the Internet at the hotel is the worst, so I couldn’t. I’m happy if this entry gets posted. 

Still here

It’s that time of year again. No, it isn’t vacation time I’m talking about. I have to wait another month for my vacation to start. I’m talking about the time of year when I have to renew my subscription for the domain a nomad at heart. The site might be a bit weird for a couple of days until it’s up again, but it’ll remain at this address for at least another year.

Even though I don’t update very often any more I don’t have the heart to let it die. So I renewed it again.

I did however manage to delete some settings, so it looks a bit different now. But I’ll fix it. Not now though, because I start work at 7 am tomorrow morning… I also have 2,5 weeks of vacation in August that I need to plan. So I’ll be back soon.