A vacation in Sweden

This summer I did something I seldom do. I spent my vacation in Sweden. Not at home, but I visited the largest island in Sweden: Gotland, with my family.

We drove down a Friday night and the got on the ferry in the morning. We arrived on Gotland around noon Saturday.


We had booked a cabin about 20 km south of Visby. We’ve been there before, so we knew it was a nice place. The cabin was small for four adults, but we didn’t spend much time there, so it wasn’t a problem. The pool was just 5 meters from the cabin, and the ocean about 100 meters or so, so it was a very nice spot.


We spent some time just relaxing in the sun, but we also did some sightseeing. Gotland is really a beautiful island well worth a visit, or two. Here are some more pictures.




Not a big fan of mondays

I’ve got 31 followers, that’s quite insane and makes me want to write better updates. But since I hate mondays, I haven’t gotten the energy to write anything today, so I leave you with a couple of picture from Gotland, Sweden.


Ever seen Pippi Longstocking? That’s her house, it was used to record the movies.