Long time no update 

So, it’s quite a while since I updated last. So long that I’ve almost forgotten the English language… Been busy at home. Or we’ll, I went diving in Hurghada with my sister in October, but since then I’ve been home. Until now. 

Yesterday I arrived I Khao Lak, Thailand after what felt like a long trip. The flight was filled with families with young children and grandparents… I don’t think I’ve ever been on a more stressful or busy flight… but I survived both that and the transfer to the hotel (2,5 hours). 

Now I’m going to relax on the beach and plan for some diving. 

A vacation in Sweden

This summer I did something I seldom do. I spent my vacation in Sweden. Not at home, but I visited the largest island in Sweden: Gotland, with my family.

We drove down a Friday night and the got on the ferry in the morning. We arrived on Gotland around noon Saturday.


We had booked a cabin about 20 km south of Visby. We’ve been there before, so we knew it was a nice place. The cabin was small for four adults, but we didn’t spend much time there, so it wasn’t a problem. The pool was just 5 meters from the cabin, and the ocean about 100 meters or so, so it was a very nice spot.


We spent some time just relaxing in the sun, but we also did some sightseeing. Gotland is really a beautiful island well worth a visit, or two. Here are some more pictures.




Vacation in Sweden

In Sweden we’ve had a right to vacation time, according to law, for 75 years now. That’s quite cool. In the beginning, it was only two weeks, but by now it’s five weeks. With Finland we’ve got the best/most vacation time in the whole world. We also have a right to use four out of those five weeks during the summer. According to the law we have a right to four weeks vacation in June, July or August. Amazing, right?

When I’m traveling I meet a lot of people that’s jealous of our vacation and I understand them. I have a friend in America that’s told me she has ten vacation days (there’s no law even saying they have a right to vacation in America), but she has to use them if she’s sick so she can’t really use them to travel much.

This summer I don’t have a vacation. I used some days last winter when I went to Thailand, then I had a week this spring. The rest of the vacation days disappeared when I quit my job (we get two days for every month we work, so I lost 10 days by not working the rest of the year). So I’ve been working all summer, but it’s okay I guess, I only have 19 days left to work after all 🙂